i2 Technologies (2001-2003)

The turnaround of i2 Technologies trained Nakane in an environment where:

  • The global 'dot com' bubble was collapsing
  • Sarbanes-Oxley was emerging
  • Global demand for packaged software solutions was shrinking

In this environment, Nakane helped i2 to:

  • Refocus on the core supply chain excellence
  • Develop new services that customers demanded
  • Rightsize the balance between the top and the bottom lines

i2 survived this storm, returned to strong profitability, and is once again recognized as the global thought leader in high velocity supply chain management.

UWiN's Rapid Turnaround Template has a significant focus on the subject of global supply chain excellence as one of the most important competitive difference in post turnaround management.

UWiN's Philosophy of Customer Delight was originally penciled by Nakane during his tenure as i2’s COO.