PoweredCom (2004-2005)

The PoweredCom turnaround provided Nakane with an opportunity to apply his Western management skills and style in a very Japanese environment including a closed union shop.

Points focused during the turnaround were:

  • Financial Foundation and Controlling Process
  • Opportunity Selection and Competency
  • Product Management (Functions, Quality, Cost)
  • Mindset and Selling Process for Customer Delight

The record success with PoweredCom gave him confidence in the knowledge
and management practices that he offers to Japanese corporations. 
There were five major success factors:

  • Facility invested had significant potential for competitive differentiation
  • Younger generation were ready to take on new management responsibility
  • Timing of arrival of Nakane and turnaround project was excellent
  • Shareholders trusted new management team and
       invested significant additional capital
  • Labor union understood the turnaround vision and strategy, and fully cooperated

Nakane and his leadership team developed a rapid turnaround template, UWiN 10QRTM®(10 Quarters Rapid Turnaround Management).