UWiN's management fundamental has significant influence from the design philosophy of the SAP R/3 and the principle of best practices that are coded in.

Nakane did jump start-and-grow SAP business in Japan, and then in North East Asia or all of the double-byte architecture countries. It was in the beginning of the IT down-sizing era and for Japan, it coincided with the severe collapse of Japan asset bubble economy model with which Japan took more than 10 years to recover.

SAP with its R/3 suite introduced five new game changing approaches to Japan market:

  • Standard Business Application Software with Integrated Data model (ERP)
  • Concept of Real-Time Enterprise
  • Concept and Library of Global Best Business Practices
  • Software Template based BPR
  • 3-Tier Client Server System

Recognition of the importance of Change Management was the critical success factor in implementing these solutions at Japanese business organizations.